Light in My Country Program

We began working on a new program entitled “Light in my country – Noor Fee Baladi” in partnership with Bethlehem Bible College that will be filmed in the Holy Land. The program will be filmed on site in Arabic that will be targeting three major themes related to local Arab Christians unpacking : Identity, Mission, and Purpose.


Missional Living Online Training

On January 16-17 of 2017 we have finished two full days of filming with our ministry partner GoSendMe Global on three parts of online training for missional living and discipleship multiplication in both English and Arabic. We are very excited to see how God will use these trainings, and we will be updating you when everything will be ready.

Hope Among the Hopeless Conference

Ministry Friends, we had such an amazing day with Hope Among The Hopeless Conference which addressed the refugees crisis locally and globally; as more than 75 people attended from DFW who were challenged by a wonderful team of speakers who shared what God is doing in the midst of this crisis in countries like; Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Greece & Europe, Fort Worth and Dallas. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.