Our Partners

SERVE Nazareth Program

We currently have a partnership with SERVE Nazareth, which offers a great local volunteer program for those interested in serving the Body of Christ in Israel. Their program emphasizes team building and provides in-depth training on cultural, linguistic and spiritual resources. They have three month and six month volunteer programs. Visit their website for further information, or contact us.

The White Harvest – Alhasad 

The goal of The White Harvest is to bring The Gospel to all the people of Israel, whether they be Jewish, Arab, or internationals, and doing so in a way that meets specific needs through various platforms: spoken words, printed or audio/video evangelism materials, or through assisting individuals and families in need of food, clothing and shelter. The White Harvest works to steer the people we come into contact with toward the local believing community so they can be discipled once they come to faith.

Please check their website for further information about getting involved, or contact us.

Child Evangelism Fellowship  

Another local partner is the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) ministry that endeavors to enrich the lives of local children. CEF occasionally has a need for volunteers. Please check their website for further information about getting involved, or contact us.

Jerusalem Evangelistic Outreach

JEO’s vision is to see all people in the Holy Land coming to Christ and the church growing and influencing society. JEO works in both Israel and Palestine. In Israel they are registered as a nonprofit organization and in Palestine they are under the local Evangelical Council of Churches. JEO is a media, teaching and community outreach ministry that seeks to share Christ and strengthen the church, if you would like to join their efforts and specific outreach projects contact them through their website .

Back to Jerusalem

The vision of Back to Jerusalem ministry is to empower the local church in the Holy Land to do evangelism and discipleship and to encourage the global body of Christ to come and to help bring the gospel back to where it started from. Back to Jerusalem (BTJ) is a local ministry, that is registered as non-profit organization, which is lead by Back to Jerusalem Organization, that works under the auspice of the Convention of Evangelical Churches in Israel and in partnership with Life Agape ministry (CCC) and directed by a distinguished board of local and international pastors and leaders from the local evangelical churches. For more info on how to connect with their work contact them at their website.

Linga – Christian Services from The Holy Land 

We currently have a partnership with Linga (Christian Services from The Holy Land), which provides current, up to date news about the evangelical activity in the Holy Land. They will consider accepting volunteers with media/website experience. For more information please visit their English Linga English and contact us.

Twins Tours

For those interested in an evangelical Holy Land tour experience, contact Twins Tours. They are committed to providing “the possibility to discover the Holy Land’s historical, geographical and spiritual depths” from an evangelical perspective. For more information check their website.

Spiritual Care Link Ministry

Spiritual Care Link Middle East exists to serve and assist the Body of Christ and the Church of Jesus Christ in the Middle East. This is done by linking more churches and believers in Christ to our Arab Brethren and Churches in the Middle East through strategic and fruitful partnerships. For more info how to partner and support local ministries in the Middle East, check their ministry site.

GSM – Go Send Me Global Ministry

GoSendMe Global (GSM) is an arm of the Church that is dedicated to furthering the Mission and Vision of the Called and the Sent. GSM offers personalized training to our Partners, Teams and Missionaries. Here are a few of the areas through which we will invest in you and your ministry through training and accountability: 1. Cross-Cultural Ministry. 2. Disciple-making Movements. 3. Church-Planting. 4. Fundraising. 4. Christocentric Missiology. For further information on how can you be blessed by this ministry, check their main site  GoSendMe Global.