S . A . L . A . M .

Serving Among Local Arab Ministries

Who We Are

How We Got Started

S.A.L.A.M. was founded in 2009 by Rani and Hannah Espanioly along with family and friends in the USA.

Our C.A.S.E. for the Holy Land

Connect with Arab believers by visiting the Holy Land, inviting them to your church or communicating via the Internet.

Adopt a Holy Land ministry, leader, student or church.

Serve in the Holy Land through a volunteer program or as part of a ministry tour.

Encourage the local Body of Christ through prayer, communication and financial support.

Who Are The Arab Christians?

Arab Christians in the Holy Land are native believers of Jesus and can trace their conversion roots back to the time of Christ. They represent a small minority of the Israeli and Palestinian populations, less than 2%.

Most of these Arab Christians belong to the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. This particular group of Arab Christians represent “the last vital link between the Christian West and the Arab Muslim world.”

Arab Christians in the Holy Land are uniquely capable, with their cultural and linguistic skills to reach the Arab world for Christ.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

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